Smokers more likely to quit with help of web programs


When times get tough, people start debating on what things would be better to give up in order to save a little extra cash.  For those that think it might be time to give up smoking, they might find they’ll have better luck if they get a little extra help from technology.  According to research done at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health, web and computer-based programs are actually pretty effective in helping you kick the habit.

Thus far those methods didn’t have a lot of evidence indicating that it was all that effective, therefore it wasn’t commonly recommended.  This new data does suggest that such methods are very legitimate.  It’s not that it could easily replace other methods such as hotlines or medication, but it could be enough to boost things so that you can finally quit.  They found that 9.9% of smokers that used the web were able to quit after a year, which doesn’t actually sound like much.  However, it is 1.7 times higher than those that attempt to quit on their own.  All around it’s just another way for smokers to get a little online support.

Source: Gizmowatch
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