Smells Like Teen Laptop

laptop scentA new line of laptops could add another sense into the computing experience. Asus unveiled a series of scent-emitting systems at a Microsoft fashion show (yes, you read that correctly) this week. Each computer has a distinct smell that wafts out for about six months before wearing off.

All right, ready? You’ve got your manly “Musky Black” scent in the black model, the girly “Floral Blossom” in the pink, the outdoorsy-scented “Morning Dew” in green, and the scent of the sea in the blue “Aqua Ocean” machine. That’s right — a fragrance that smells like you just came home from the beach, Jerry.

The secret lies in a clear film on the outside of the system. It actually holds the scent and releases it bit by bit over time, aided by the computer’s heat. The technology’s been under development for a full year.

Of course, this isn’t the first time PCs have played with the idea of smell — but most previous attempts have relied on triggered plug-in accessories and haven’t really caught on.

So will people buy into this fad? Seems a bit silly to me — but then again, I’m not quite part of the teenie-bopper target audience. Asus, for its part, certainly smells success. I smell something, too…but I’m pretty sure it’s not coming from my computer.