Sex Offenders may be required to register online game names


We’ve all heard about sex offenders hitting the internet and utilizing various social sites to connect with prospective victims.  Well of course logically speaking it’s likely that said offenders would branch out and use video games to do the same.  Although some gaming companies such as Nintendo do make an effort to prevent online chat when it comes to strangers, there are still plenty of other games.  So now there is a bill that will be considered by the Texas House of Representatives that could require convicted sex offenders to register account names at online gaming networks with law enforcement authorities.

Of course with the growing trend of teens being prosecuted for posting pictures of themselves, you have to wonder what would happen in those cases.  As of now it appears that this will all be about general online games, but it doesn’t really state specifics, such as which games specifically.  As of  now that bill has not passed the Texas House or Senate, it will have to pass the House floor first.  At the very least, I’m intrigued about seeing not only the fate of this particular bill, but curious to see what follows this.  If anyone else will create similar bills or possibly even more harsh bills.   You can keep an eye on the progress by going to Texas Legislature Online.

Source: GamePolitics