Sex ChipScientists say they’re within years of developing a high-tech sex chip that, once placed in your body, will deliver “deep brain stimulation.” Interested?

Let me be clear — this thing’s for real. An upcoming report in the Nature Reviews Neuroscience journal talks about how a part of the brain called the orbitofrontal cortex could serve as a “stimulation target” to help people experience pleasure. Researchers have used that knowledge to create a preliminary chip that delivers said satisfaction.

So how well does this bad boy work? The journal cites a trial in which a woman had an early chip model implanted. She suddenly went from having a low sex drive to being a nympho, from what the researchers say. (Okay, they didn’t actually use the word “nympho.” But they probably should have.)

Here’s the crazy part, though: The woman didn’t like her newfound friskiness and told the doctors to pull the thing out. Men who knew her during her sexed-up phase, incidentally, say she’d never uttered those words before.

Now, don’t get too excited yet — the chip is still far from finished. You see, the current prototype has to be implemented with major surgery on your heart and brain. It also causes bleeding and is described as “invasive and crude.” Worth it? Debatable.

Before long, though, the tricky decision won’t exist. The scientists say within 10 years, a “more subtle” alternative should be available. It’ll even let you turn the brain-based stimulation on and off at will. And that’s just the start — doctors say they don’t even “know half the possibilities yet.”

God, I love technology.

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