Scientist Unveils “Alien Translation” Software

alien translationWatch out, Babel Fish: There’s a new translation tool on the way, and this one claims to be able to turn alien talk into English.

A scientist from Britain’s Leeds Metropolitan University says he’s developed a program that can find and translate messages from outer space. The software, he says, would compare the alien messages to 60 different languages to try to identify any overlapping qualities. The guy claims that space speak would share similar components to some earthly dialect or other.

“Language has to be structured in a certain way. Otherwise, it will be inefficient and unwieldy,” he stated during an interview with New Scientist.

How he is so certain of this, we are uncertain. But the fella says he’s confident his program could break down the base phrases and decipher the structure of an alien tongue. He says clues such as the lengths of individual phrases would indicate how intelligent the creatures were. The longer the phrases, he believes, the more intelligent.

We’re guessing this guy speaks with very short phrases.