Ron Jeremy Frowns On Violent Video Games


Well now that Ron Jeremy has said they’re wrong, everyone stop creating them!  Surely such an upstanding man as Ron Jeremy will cause developers to look deeply into their soul and realize where they’ve gone wrong.  According to him despite him fighting to keep porn out of the hands of children, he doesn’t believe that porn is all that bad of an influence on the kids at least in comparison to violent games.  Apparently kids playing violent video games is far worse than them watching a porn flick.

That’s good to know, so parents if your kids watch porn that’s kind of bad, but if they play one of these violent games then you should freak out.  He argued that studies have clearly shown that violent video games are far worse than all that porn.  I’m not saying that either one of these categories are great to have around kids.  It’s more that Ron Jeremy is the guy pointing a finger and telling the world what’s right and wrong.  Where would we be without Ron Jeremy’s solid morals to lead us onto the path of righteousness?!