Robot Officiates Wedding


First there are robots with knives, now they’re giving robots a whole new level of power.  The power to wed couples.  Tomohior Shibato and Satoko Inoue opted to be married by a robot.  Not just any robot, but one charmingly named i-Fairy.  Yes, they even went as far as to get married by a fairy robot.  Of course this was done in Japan, so it’s hard telling if anyone in the rest of the world could legally be wed by a robot.

If it could be made possible for the rest of us, it’s clearly what the whole world wants and needs.  Who wouldn’t want to be married by a robot that sounds like it’s doing baby talk?!  Hey, at least it’s looking very festive with the flowers draped all about its head.  This stuff always seems to happen in Japan.

Source: Technabob