Robot for Tandem Bicycle Takes Over The Work


Someone has finally created a robot to make it possible for you to not have to pedal at all.  This robot goes on the back of a tandem bicycle and peddles away.  It’s almost like a motor attached to a couple of wheels.  If only there were other devices like that.  Like say, cars or motorcycles.  One would think it’d be just as good to do something like that, but I’m sure this has some physical benefit for you.  If nothing else you get to have a hulking metallic robot riding behind you, which is always exciting.

This was actually created by a man who was challenged by his son.  Specifically his son wanted him to create an electric tandem that worked through pedal power.  Apparently Chris, the creator, is more than happy with the results of all of his hard work.  This robot was purely created for fun and the pure joy of creating a robot that causes such a buzz throughout the internet.  Of course, I’m sure they’ll fail miserably on that last one.  It’s clearly just not possible.  You can go to the original post from the creator to see this robot in action.

Source: Geekologie