Quick Put On The Aluminum Foil Cap Researchers Can Read Your Mind


Well at least that’s what one British team of scientists claims.  They’re doing all of it through brain scans.  Which means you’re pretty much safe if your head isn’t attached to a bunch of wires.  They managed to do this by making 10 people watch a few short films with different actors all about daily life.  Afterwards they hooked them up to the machine and asked them to recall the films one at a time.  The scientists were able to predict which film they were thinking about just by looking at the scans.

Who would actually sign up for this study?!  You’re just making it easier for the government to read our minds!  It’s a dangerous world we live in, one that can only be counter-acted by wearing a suit and cap made entirely out of aluminum foil.  Clearly the foil will block all of those new fangled brain scanners.

Source: Switched