Psychic’s powers to be tested using Twitter


Twitter is now even being utilized to study the supernatural, to be specific they’re studying “remote viewing” which is the psychic ability to identify distant locations.  Apparently this is the absolute first experiment to be conducted using this particular social messaging service.  It’s definitely the first I’ve heard of to test psychic abilities over the internet.  Perhaps one of the scientists received a bad reading over the net and is now determined to disprove all others in their abilities.  Beyond that, I can’t think of a single reason they decided to go for this experiment.

It will be done by asking the members, and they expect to have about 10,000, to tweet their impressions of a random spot in the UK that one of the researchers has visited.  Then it will be repeated with visually different locations four different times.  In order to prove that extra-sensory perception is real, they will have to vote and correctly identify three out of the four locations.  So if you’re a psychic or just someone that wants to screw up the psychic’s results, it’d be great to get in on this experiment.  Unfortunately, you’re likely too late since the results of the experiment will be out on June 5th.

Source: Newlaunches