Psychiatrists to treat World of Warcraft addicts within game


We’ve all heard of gamers so addicted to their games that they forget to function in real life.  Actually, some have even briefly been that person, but most snap out of it all on their own.  For those that don’t and need psychiatric help, one psychiatrist is working on creating a program specifically for the World of Warcraft addicts.  Instead of pulling them out of the game to some office, they want to go into the game and counsel them there.  The first problem that comes to mind is wondering just how many psychiatrists are skilled at World of Warcraft.

Actually, they already thought of that issue.  They are thinking of hiring a gamer to work as basically a peer counselor within the game.  The project is supposed to be launched by the end of this year.  Before then he is hoping that he could perhaps convince Blizzard to either give a discount or waive the subscription fee for psychiatrists.  I’d kind of like to be around for that meeting, “Hey Blizzard can you not charge us to counsel your players and slowly lure them away so that you lose even more subscription fees?”.  Seems reasonable enough.  One might also wonder if this is like counseling a gambling addict in a casino or an alcoholic within a bar.  If nothing else, I’m definitely intrigued how it will play out.

Source: GamerPolitics