PS3 Finally Gets a Non-Snake Hit

Signs that your console could do with more software: When users start developing games for it from scratch. Any by scratch, we mean they’ve gone right back to the start with a PS3-enabled Pong homebrew.

This follows the “Hello World” first example of hacking the PS3, a Java-enabled sidestep of Sony security which gets in through a Bluray back door. The program, a version of which has been written for every computer language in existence, causes the console to display “Hello World!” on the screen. That might not sound like much but bear in mind it’s more than PS3s with firmware 2.40 were able to do earlier this month.

The game isn’t perfect – the collision detection is glitchy, and in a game that is nothing but collisions that’s a bit of a major problem. It seems developer dragula96 was more concerned with making his release date than actually finishing the damn game. So if the console hacking doesn’t work out for him, he can probably get a job with Konami on the next Pro Evo Soccer.

Of course, it’s not exactly the kind of hit Sony want running on their sexy super-console. It doesn’t show off any lighting effects, it doesn’t have any gritty brown or grey in it, and – worst of all – it isn’t even proprietary!