Professionalism Overrated – Chefs Use Twitter To Retaliate


There was a time when chefs would deal with their setbacks quietly.  If they received a bad review from a food critic they would gripe to buddies and then try their best to come back from the bad publicity.  If you had a vendor that was causing problems you either dealt with it or found a new vendor.  This day and age there’s Twitter and personal blogs though and we are apparently far past the days of acting like a professional.

According to NY Times angry chefs are using the site to bicker between each other and even strike back against those that have given them bad publicity.  One chef even went as far as posting a list of terrible Asian restaurants  on their blog.  At this time I’d like to thank Twitter and personal blogs for turning a bunch of professionals into a group of whining children.  Then again, the chefs that are doing these things were probably a bit childish before all of this happened.  They just happened to find a perfect outlet so that they could have an audience when they want to bash other restaurants and food critics.

Source: Switched