Principal Bans Middle Schoolers From Facebook (insert shock and horror here)


According to Tony Orsini, the principal at Benjamin Franklin Middle School located in Ridgewood, New Jersey, there is absolutely reason that a middle school student needs to be a part of a social networking site.  Now you can see how such a statement would cause a serious stir on the web.  It truthfully was done out of the best of intentions.  He was just trying to put a stop to his young students sexting and that whole cyber bullying problem.  Both of which are definitely a problem.  It’s just highly debatable as to whether or not it’s his place to take away that right.

He is still currently in the process of attempting to ban all of the 700 students from all of the social networking websites.  He is trying to get the parents to install parental controls and filtering software onto the computers.  Then has asked them to check their children’s text messages on a weekly basis.  Is it smart ot keep middle school kids out of these areas or is it just sheltering them and therefore causing further damage?  Either way it’s good to see the school system doing their job…parenting.  Wait, wasn’t that someone else’s job?

Source: Switched