Postal Worker manages to steal 3,000 Netflix DVDs


Sometimes there are criminals so incredibly brilliant that you can’t help but be in awe of their skill.  Myles Weathers is not one of those criminals.  No, this is the type you half hope they add a few years to his sentence purely because he’s just so stupid that’s exactly what he deserves.  For those of you that haven’t jumped on the Netflix bandwagon, Netflix sends you out a couple movies at a time, purely depending on your package.  Then if you discover the movie hasn’t shown back up at Netflix headquarters, you report it.  Which means it really wouldn’t take much for Netflix to notice when several movies go missing from the same location.

Well apparently Weathers from Springfield, Massachusetts didn’t think about that.  Nor did he think about the fact that there are security cameras within the post office where he used to work.  After Netflix decided to investigate the issue, they noticed something out of the ordinary on those security tapes.  One post office employee was taking the bright red envelopes and tucking them away inside of his bag.  Smooth, I know.  Surely no one would ever notice him stashing a bright red envelope.  He actually did manage to acquire over 3,000 DVDs in this manner.  He plead guilty to the charges and is now facing up to 5 years in prison.

Source: Switched