Poking Within Facebook Could Land You In Jail


It turns out there are more things to worry about on Facebook than just posting a not so well thought out status.  No, now you need to worry about who you poke.  Should anyone have a restraining order on you, poking them is not the best idea.  Shockingly, it can actually land you in jail.  One woman, Shannon Jackson of Tennessee, learned that the hard way.  She was not allowed to telephone, contact, or otherwise communicate with the petitioner.  It turns out, poking counts as contacting.

I suppose it does make perfect sense that would count as contacting.  However, it still can be somewhat shocking when you realize just how much of an effect the virtual world has on the real world.  Virtual poking for one woman turned out to be a misdemeanor.  One that is punishable by up to 11 months and 29 days in jail along with a $2500.  It is a touch on the odd side that the petitioner didn’t block the person they filed the restraining order against.  It seems like that would be the first thing I’d do after filing a restraining order.  Either way though, it’s definitely a new and interesting way to violate a restraining order.

Source: Neatorama