Play Video Games, Save On Insurance

video games insuranceGentlemen, start your engines: Playing video games could soon get you a break on your car insurance.

Allstate is looking at offering discounts to drivers who play games specially designed to increase mental agility. The company is testing a program in which it’ll have drivers between the ages of 50 and 75 play games such as “Jewel Diver” — an electronic variation on the old three-cup-shuffle magic trick. (You see a jewel fall under one fish. The fish swims around with a bunch of other fish. You have to then figure out which fish the jewel is under.)

The idea is that the games could slow the decrease in visual alertness that typically comes with age, thereby increasing the drivers’ safety. Right now, Allstate is working with 100,000 people in Pennsylvania to measure the effects and see how big of a difference there is. If the games deliver, the discounts could follow. Drivers would likely be required to play for at least 10 hours to qualify.

Video games are getting a good rap all around lately. It was just a week ago that we heard regular gamers aren’t quite as fat as you might think, and now this word suggests proper playing could save you money and save your life. If there were ever a reason to grab your joystick and celebrate, this is it.

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