Pilots messing with laptops overshoot destination


Everyone has their ways to deal with those long flights, a lot of us are on our laptops or other electronic devices as soon as it’s allowed in the plane.  Well it turns out that the passengers aren’t the only ones enjoying their technology just a little too much.  Two pilots were on a Northwest Airlines flight headed to Minneapolis, MN.  They decided to mess with their laptops a bit while they were flying the plane.  That seems like it wouldn’t be too bad, as long as it was put away quickly at the right moment.   Instead the pilots actually managed to overshoot the landing strip by 150 miles and were out of touch for over an hour.

The National Guard jets were actually ready for take off when the problem was solved.  The pilots were each on their own laptops and talking about airline crew flight scheduling procedure.  Even taking their personal laptops into the cockpit is a violation of airline policy.  That alone was enough to get them into trouble, not to mention actually overshooting their destination.  The pilots are now suspended for the whole affair.

Source: BBGadgets