Pills With Microchips Know If You Didn’t Take It


We’ve all watched those movies where the stealthy main character pretends to take a pill and instead just keeps it in their mouth.  Well now those days may be coming to a tragic end.  Instead of being able to pop it out of your mouth when they’re not looking and walk away.  The nurses, doctors or even family members can check a computer or even their cellphone to know for sure if it’s being processed.  All of this is done by putting a microchip with an antenna inside of the pill.

It’s still in the early stages, so it has some faults like in some cases the stomach acids managed to break the antenna.  Which that caused the signal to be lost.  Plus technically it just makes sure that it’s being digested, it doesn’t know exactly who is digesting the pill.  The research team at the University of Florida are still hoping to do some modifications and submit it to the FDA for testing soon though.  I can just imagine them attempting to use this on a very burned out old hippie who’s stuck taking heart medication or something along those lines.  I don’t think they’ll appreciate being tracked by microchips.

Source: Switched