Philly School District Takes Photos Of Students Without Their Knowledge


This should probably win some kind of award for being the creepiest thing any school corporation has been caught doing.  It’s also a situation of a school with the best of intentions doing something horribly wrong.  A school district issued MacBooks to their students and then proceeded to take 56,000 photos over a period of 2 years.  This was all done through the student’s MacBooks and without their knowledge.  Now according to them it wasn’t done to spy on their students or anything remotely that devious.  Instead they probably just had some horribly awful advice from a very clueless IT guy.

As strange as it sounds they were actually flipping on the cameras to find lost MacBooks.  When students lost track of their laptop, the school would just turn on the camera to help them get an idea on the location.  The bad part is that sometimes the camera would be left on for a week before realizing that it was still on.  Now the school says that nothing inappropriate was within these images, so in the end no real harm was done.  It’s just incredibly creepy.  Hopefully in the future the schools will start using a different method to locate the MacBooks.

Source: Crunchgear