PC Users: To Stand Or Not To Stand


I know I’m not the only one that has seen the desks that try to get people not only up and standing, but up and moving in some cases.  For the most part I really just don’t see standing desks really catching on.  Now I imagine some will convert to the standing desks, but I’m not sure it’s the right choice for everyone.  However, it’s quite obvious that sitting around all day isn’t the best for your health.  In fact the American Cancer Society links those jobs that require us to sit around to a rise in obesity, diabetes and morality.   Which might be enough to get some people to change their ways.

I’ve never minded being up on my feet all day long, in fact I prefer it.  Yet I’ve always found it uncomfortable to stand in the same place all day long, which is what a standing desk would require.  Yet that’s what some are suggesting is the solution to this predicament, since our bodies are made to be up and moving.  Personally, I read about a trick (oddly in a fashion magazine) that I’ve been trying out.  It was actually an article about losing weight without trying and one tip has helped keep me from getting that drowsy feeling you get from sitting at a computer too long.  The concept was to set an alarm on your computer for 10 till and for those ten minutes you get up and do something that requires you to stand.  It’s one of those tricks that would only be usable if your job allows it, but when I’ve remembered to do it it’s helped a great deal.