Parents utilizing cellphones as parenting tools


It’s no news flash that babies and toddlers seem to love cellphones.  Probably because they can grasp them firmly in their hand and easily jam them into their mouths.  I’ve had my niece snatch away mine on numerous occasions only to attempt to use it to gnaw on while she was teething.  Well apparently USA Today has discovered that parents are using their cellphones more and more to aid them with their children.  Those with iPhones are actually downloading apps that can be used as rattles for fussy babies.

With cellphones being so portable and parents always having theirs on hand, it makes it perfect for frustrated parents.  Parents with slightly older children are handing over their iPhones and allowing their young ones to toy with games when they’re stuck waiting in the doctor’s office.  Be it letter games for preschoolers or trivia games for the older bunch.   USA Today also came across parents using apps to find out nutrition information while they’re out shopping for groceries.  Of course there are still those that are baffled that anyone would hand over such an expensive piece of technology to a young child.  Either way though, many parents might find the benefits of letting their children play with their phones far outweigh the risk.  Although don’t be surprised when your 4 year old knows how to do something on your phone better than you do.

Source: Switched