Parents Take Care of Virtual Child And Neglect Real One


We all know gaming is a great way to escape reality, much like books and movies have done in the past.  You become a parent and realize that it’s actually a whole lot more work and a thankless job at that, so maybe you go online and enjoy a virtual kid much better than your own.  After all, these virtual kids can be shut down when your computer is turned off.  It’s the best of both worlds.  Except that 3 month old real babies don’t exactly take care of themselves.  Who knew?!  Well apparently one couple missed that memo.

The Korean  41 year old husband and his 25 year old wife usually spent about 12 hours every single night in internet cafes playing games.  During which time they’d just leave their child at home alone.  When they did actually decide to go home and do a little parenting, they gave the baby rotten powered milk and when the baby cried she’d receive a spanking.  Why couldn’t she be as good as their virtual daughter and just take what was given to her?!  One night after they spent the whole night away, they discovered their infant daughter at home, deceased.  At least I’m sure they have reached a high level of parenting online.  Somehow I doubt that the police will let them continue their gaming habit in jail though.

Source: GamePolitics