Online Tutorial Turns Coke Bottles Into Cheat Sheets

coke cheater

Alright so school isn’t working out so well and you’re beginning to see those grades drop.  You’re going to have to think of some way to bring those up quick, especially if you’re a college kid.  You could lose scholarships or even Mommy and Daddy’s money.  Now, you could buckle under and study more or get a tutor, but that takes time.  No, instead just formulate a way to get your much needed test notes onto the side of a coke bottle.  Then once you’re all done working so hard at it, post your brilliance online for all of the students…..and teachers to see.


It’s pretty basic stuff, the only tricky part is making sure you have a top quality scanner.  Although I give it about a month before this is so overused that even the most oblivious teachers and professors will catch on.  Besides that as I recall I had a great deal of professors that just preferred that you cleared off the desk of absolutely everything.  That did include things like Coke bottles.  In the end, I wouldn’t really try this.  You might just stick with studying, because it won’t take long for students to get caught.

Source: Geekologie