Online Scammer Preying On Twilight Fans


Women flocked by the masses to see Twilight’s New Moon last night, dragging along the occasional unlucky male with them.  All the while malware purveyors were taking advantage of the latest big thing.  Oblivious Twilight fans casually wander about the web and happen to fall into these well placed traps.  Probably making quite a few parents of teen girls absolutely crazy.  If instead of going to see the movie in theaters you decided to go to google and type in “Watch New Moon Full Movie” you may have ended up with more than you really wanted.

Instead of getting to pine over Edward or drool over Jacob’s abs, you could end up with a hefty dose of spyware, trojans and viruses.  Once you’re drawn in by the bait, you get bombarded by pop-ups warning of virus infections.  Then when you click to install very fake anti-virus software you end up letting all the viruses in.   A lot of people naturally don’t trust pop-up ads, but I wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few still fell into the trap.  Leave it to a vampire movie to suck the life out of your computer.

Source: Switched