Older crowd running the younger ones out of Social Networking Sites


No one wants to post their status when it’s their Mother that can easily glance at it.  After all, “Out having beers and picking up some ladies with the guys” may sound cool to your friends, but your parents are probably going to frown on that one.  Especially if you happen to below the age of 21, which is an entirely different kind of stupid since it’s become well known that cops have on occasion busted under agers through social netowrking websites.  Well as it turns out, all of these old people are managing to chase off the younger crowd and all around making social networking uncool.

Within the United Kingdom, just last year 55% of 15-24 year olds were using social networking sites.  However, as of this year it has dropped down to 50%, whereas the number of 25-34 year olds has gone up by 6%.  From 40% on up to 46%,  it could be concluded that the rise in the older ones catching on is running off those below 24.  Even my own parents have caught onto the site and I know that my parents are not the only ones.  This trend may end up killing off the online social networking or at least make it a lot less cool.

Source: Switched