No New Year’s Resolution, There’s A Website For That


Those of you that haven’t jumped on the bandwagon and come up with a New Year’s resolution can cheat your way through the process.  Perhaps you’ve made so many that you’re running out of original ideas.  Thankfully, as usual the internet is here to save the day.  Just go to this website and instead of taking the time to think up a meaningful resolution that fits your life, it’ll generate one for you.  Thank goodness we live in a world where you never have to think for yourself.

It’d just be exhausting to have to come up with all of these solutions all on your own.  That’s not what brains are for!  They’re meant for simpler tasks, if you had to think that much every single day you’d just shut down.  The New Year’s Resolution Generator tells you everything from “Win The Lottery” to “Be A Better Person” to “Make A Paper Airplane”.  It even advises you “Eat A Mango”.  Despite the fact that the website does think for you, it would be good to at the very least give you some new ideas.

Source: Technabob