New Sony Accomplices in TransferJet Crime

Sony has drafted allies in their ongoing war against “Sensible Affordable Standards”, mounting an offensive against Wireless-USB and Bluetooth standards with their own TransferJet technology. Of course it’s proprietary.

If nothing else, you have to admit their dedication to being pricks about it. When an entire market sector gets together and bashes out specs for something designed to be Universal, it takes more than the average grade of asshole to stand up and get in the way of it. Step forward Sony, their sixty squillion dollars to back up doing whatever they feel like, and a technology designed to get in the way of even Bluetooth, the connection technology so accepted that it’s actually become a verb.

Canon, Nikon and Kodak are all on board with the new proximity-connection technology, meaning that anybody forced to use it will at least be able to take really nice pictures of the inevitable extra receipts, installs and error messages inflicted on them by Sony’s overriding sentiment of “Co-operating for the good of the industry in any way is a sign of weakness.”

But don’t worry, I’m sure Sony won’t make the same mistakes they did with Betamax.

And MiniDisc.
And proprietary power cables.
Oh, and the Memory Stick Duo.
(And UMD).