Money Buys Everything After All, Including Facebook Friends


Your parents always yammered about how money doesn’t buy everything and all that nonsense.  Well now here’s more proof they were just flat wrong.  An Australian company is currently offering a service where you can purchase friends from them.  The CEO for uSocial points out that “Facebook is an extremely effective marketing tool.”  They do have a point, after all, if you post something on your wall everyone on your friend’s list gets wind of it pretty quickly.  Which allows for you to advertise things or just give your point of view.  That’s why the company is allowing people to purchase friends through them.

You can get anywhere from 1,000 friends on up to 10,000 just depending on how much money you’re willing to spend.  The prices of purchasing those friends range from $177 upwards to $1,167.  All the company does is send out the friend invites from the customer and find friends on the website for them.  Now if only popularity could have been that easy in high school.  Of course it’s debatable how long uSocial will last since Twitter already attempted to shut them down for spamming members.  Digg also isn’t thrilled with the company since uSocial sells votes giving an unfair advantage.

Source: TheIndependent