Monday Mailbag: July 28, 2008

Howdy, friends near and far, and thanks for starting your week the TechCult way. As we often do, we thought we’d kick the week off by answering your questions and comments in a little feature we like to call our Monday Mailbag. Bombs away.

Dear TechCult,

I know you guys mock it, but cybersex isn’t actually all that bad. It’s no worse than looking at porn, and at least there’s someone else involved.


Ryan, sticky subject. I forwarded your comment on to our online interaction analyst, Jamie Thompson, who responded with the following:

Oh, I wholeheartedly agree: Cybersex isn’t bad at all. At least, as long as you aren’t bothered by the fact that no person of my gender would possibly be on the other end of the conversation. Enjoy.


Dear TechCult,

I can’t figure out to make content “go viral.” Is there any trick to getting stories to take off on Digg?


Alex, interesting query. Let me bring in TechCult’s director of social marketing, Rob Trondsen, to provide some insight:

Digg can be a tricky site to crack. The best advice I can give you is to hope that its talks with Google reignite. If Google buys the site, then getting a high ranking will be simple: Close your eyes and pray. Either that, or sleep with one of those Stanford guys who founded the company. I’ve found the latter to be quite effective.


Dear TechCult,

What’s with all the immature sex jokes? Can’t you come up with anything more sophisticated to say? It can get pretty hard on a reader to see the same tired teenage-level humor over and over again.


You raise a point, Tracy. I asked Ron Paulson from our customer service department to address the issue. Here’s his response:

Heh. You said “hard on.”


We know you have something to say. Send your questions, remarks, insults, or come-ons to the TechCult team at mailbag(at), and watch for the next Monday Mailbag — brought to you by TechCult and the sickly looking parakeet at the mall pet shop.