Monday Mailbag: July 21, 2008

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time to open up the TechCult Mailbag and open up ourselves to you. Our panel of on-call experts is here to answer your every question — and this week, we’ve got some real winners. But enough talk. Let’s get to your e-mails.

Dear TechCult,

What’s the best way to piss off thousands of mobile subscribers?

A. Teeandtee

Mr. Teeandtee, thanks for writing in. I’ve passed your query off to our TechCult mobile marketing consultant, Frank Masterson. Here’s his response:

I’m not sure why you’d want to anger an entire corporation’s clientele, but one thing you could try would be announcing the launch of some significant new service — say, free access to Wi-Fi hotspots for all iPhone users — then, within the hour, taking the announcement down and saying it was just a mistake. If you really want to make people mad, do this a couple of times within a matter of months. I wouldn’t recommend it, though.


Dear TechCult,

I’m trying to decide what kind of photo is best for my different online profiles. I never know whether to put up a formal pose or a candid, fun-type shot. Any suggestions?


Eric, good question. Let me bring in our style expert, Mitch McDonald, to weigh in:

I find formal is always the smartest option for any online photo of yourself. You want to come across as professional, in case any colleagues or potential employers see your picture. Selecting a sharp outfit will give you credibility both from a business standpoint and from a personal perspective (believe me, the ladies will appreciate the extra effort!). Take the time to press your shirt, put on a nice jacket, and get yourself together. An online photo represents who you are to millions of people; make it count.


Dear TechCult,

It seems like you work with a large staff. How many people have you had inside your central office since you first opened up?


John, I forwarded your question on to TechCult Human Resources Manager Emily Larson, who sent back the following:

Well, aren’t we bold? Yes, I like working with a large “staff,” Mr. Nosey…what girl doesn’t? As for how many people I’ve had inside my “central office,” I don’t see how that’s possibly any of your business. But the answer is 12 — assuming you’re talking about the “front office,” anyway.


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