Monday Mailbag: July 14, 2008

Time for another edition of TechCult’s Monday Mailbag, the fastest growing Q&A sensation on all of the internets. Our team of experts is here to take your questions and bring you the best answers imaginable to mankind. So, without further adieu…

Dear TechCult,

What’s all this hubbub about the new iPhone? I’ve had a 3G smartphone for a full year now and couldn’t care less.


James, this sounds like one for our TechCult mobile technology specialist, Ron Fullerton. Here’s his response:

The reason everyone’s so jazzed about the iPhone is quite simple: drugs. Apple’s found a way to embed a highly addictive substance with marijuana-like effects into the earpad, so even brief contact can cause transference. It’ll be a few years till anyone figures it out. Not that I’m complaining…I just wish someone would bring me a damned chicken burrito.


Dear TechCult,

I’d like to start a Q&A section on my web site, but sometimes I just don’t have any interesting questions to answer. What can I do when that happens?


Ann, I referred this to TechCult Social Interaction Analyst Marylou Adamson, who had the following counsel:

Hi there. I can’t really relate to that kind of problem. I guess hypothetically, though, if one were in a Q&A situation with no interesting questions to answer, one could take less interesting questions about what to do when there are no interesting questions. Thankfully, I’ve never had that issue.


Dear TechCult,

I’m finding people just won’t listen to me online. I leave comments on all sorts of blogs and send in questions to all sorts of places. No matter what I say, though, everyone seems to ignore me or just blow me off. What gives? How can I get people to perk up and respond to me?


Adam, so sorry — we’ve run out of time for this week’s Mailbag. Thanks for writing in!

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