Monday Mailbag: August 4, 2008

Happy Monday to you, and welcome to TechCult’s traditional mail call. We’re always happy to respond to your questions, comments, and come-ons — and we won’t even charge you a dime. So let’s get right to it.

Dear TechCult,

I’ve heard a lot of talk about privacy concerns with Google’s online snapshots lately. What’s your take on it?


Chris, thanks for the query. I’ve asked our online privacy analyst, Rich Springton, to share his insights with us.

I believe one has to concede a bit of privacy in our technologically connected society. It’s no different from how the women changing in the locker room at my gym have to assume they’re being filmed…or how that shapely gal across the street has to realize I’m videotaping her almost every night. Much like Google’s photo uses, these are cases of implied consent — so, as I understand it, they’re all equally acceptable and protected in the eyes of the law.


Dear TechCult,

Any chance you’re looking to hire a new intern?


Justin, I’ve brought in TechCult Human Resources Manager Al Karp to answer. Here’s his response:

I’m always looking to find fresh talent for our offices! If by “fresh talent” you mean “fresh sushi,” and by “our offices” you mean “my lunch.” Those California Rolls are delicious.


Dear TechCult,

Is there any limit to the kinds of questions you’ll answer?


Ron, we do have fairly strict standards as to the kinds of questions we’ll feature in the Monday Mailbag. We absolutely will not answer pointless questions or ones that don’t provide the opportunity for insightful, valuable discussions from our on-call experts. The last thing we want to do is ramble on and on about some meaningless, self-indulgent nonsense that doesn’t tie in to the world around us. Under no circumstances will we feature questions that lead to those sorts of long-winded, content-weak replies.

We know you have something to say. Send your questions, remarks, insults, or come-ons to the TechCult team at mailbag(at), and watch for the next Monday Mailbag — brought to you by TechCult and that purple fanny pack you pretended to throw out in 1988.