Monday Mailbag: August 18, 2008

Fire up your engines, TechCult maniacs: It’s time for another round of the fastest growing sensation on the entire Internets, the Monday Mailbag. Got a question of your own? Send it our way — mailbag(at) — and we’ll feature it in a future column.

Dear TechCult,

Have you seen this crap about how the military is trying to find a way to read people’s minds? I saw it in USA Today over the weekend (link). That’s f**ked up.


Jon, it’s some high-tech stuff, no doubt. I asked TechCult Senior Military Intelligence Analyst Richard Brightman to give us some insight. Here’s what he said:

To answer your question, we haven’t seen anything about that sort of technology. We have no inside information on it — nor do we know how much it scares you, why you gave a fake name in your e-mail, or what web site you were surfing you before ours that left you feeling so guilty. No, Jon, we know nothing about any of that. It’s probably all just a bunch of hype.


Dear TechCult,

We need to come up with a formula to tell how ‘hot or not’ someone really is from their blog. You’ve got to wonder about some of these big shot guys out there on the tech sites. Any ideas?


Anne, I think I can handle this one. From my research, anyone writing on the Web with a two-letter, initial-based name is generally quite attractive. I don’t know the science behind it, but follow that formula and you will never be led astray.


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