Monday Mailbag: August 11, 2008

G’day, dear TechCult readers. Time for us to once again open up the ol’ Monday Mailbag to see what kinds of crazy questions you’ve sent our way. Haven’t e-mailed us yet? Shoot us a note — mailbag(at) — and we’ll respond in a future column. We promise only to use your first name, too.

Dear TechCult,

I’ve read all sorts of articles about how China is restricting Internet access for journalists during the Olympics. What’s the deal with that?


Chip, a fine question. Luckily, our own TechCult International Correspondent Montel Remault is in Beijing right now. He sent us this oddly formatted response:

Censorship at the Olympics is NOT A PROBLEM. The government here is WONDERFUL and WILL let us onto tons of sites. It’s really just WONDERFUL how much they DON’T RESTRICT content. In fact, I bet those sons of NICE PEOPLE will NOT change this message before it gets back to you. What a bunch of NICEholes.


Dear TechCult,

Why is your name TechCult? Are you guys part of a cult or something?


Andi, I’ve brought in TechCult Spiritual Leader Mitch Earnst to discuss this. Here’s what he said:

Let me assure you that we here at TechCult are not part of any “cult.” I’m actually tickled that you’d come to that rather comical conclusion! In reality, we’re just all followers of an authoritarian, charismatic leader who helps us decide what to think and what actions to take, often leading us to act in extremist and unconventional manners. We’d love to see you at our next meeting.


We know you have something to say. Send your questions, remarks, insults, or come-ons to the TechCult team at mailbag(at), and watch for the next Monday Mailbag — brought to you by TechCult and the fourth Jonas brother.