Microsoft seeks patent for Hot or Not type program


Hot or Not is a pretty infamous program, it would be difficult for anyone who hasn’t been on the internet within the past few years to not know about it.  Basically it’s a website you can visit where you rate people purely based on their appearance.  It’s one of those things that usually involves intense boredom, a group of friends and on occasion some kind of alcohol.  Well it would seem the Microsoft is attempting to get a patent for something that sounds alarmingly similar to Hot or Not.  So similar, one almost wonders if Microsoft isn’t somehow behind the website.

The patent is the invention of three Microsoft Research employees, Patrick Baudish, Daniel Liebling and Sridhar Srinvasan.  In their words; “The contributor uploads self images for viewing and rating (or voting) by viewers who choose provide an opinion on different fashion and/or cosmetic looks of the contributor.”  Who knew that Microsoft was so wrapped up in rating whether people are Hot or Not on a scale from 1-10?  Something tells me that Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer wouldn’t exactly receive high marks.

Source: Slashdot