Microsoft Got Seinfeld, But Yahoo Got Purple

This just in from our Corporate Copyroom files: Yahoo has launched an unusual marketing campaign. Wait a minute…an unusual marketing campaign? By a tech company? Where in the world did it ever get that idea?!

Yahoo’s new concept is “Start Wearing Purple.” Purple is apparently the company’s official color — odd, being that there’s practically none of it on the home page — and is supposed to inspire innovation and imagination. To be fair, it did inspire imagination for me. I spent about five minutes imagining that the horrible Flash-based Web site for the campaign would actually start functioning at a reasonable speed. (Unfortunately, imagination can only take you so far.)

In any case, this sure seems like a good use of revenue for everyone’s favorite Internet company. I’m sure investors are glad their old board is still in place. Things really are going well over there.

I can just hear the chants:

“More slow-functioning Flash-based concept sites! Less worthwhile services!”

Incidentally, we thought we had the perfect headline for this story — but then we remembered we’d already used the phrase “The Launch of Insignificance” for another Yahoo-related story a while back. Damn.