Microsoft Admits Defeat On Vista

After a protracted struggle involving deceit, seduction and some outright threats, Microsoft have apparently conceded defeat – to businesses at least. Support for Windows XP has been promised until 2014, which you might recognise as fully three years after Windows 7 is expected. The picture of pushing a plank labeled “XP” over a shit-creek called Vista onto a far side named 7 might be a little forced, but accurate.

Hopefully Microsoft will use their remaining development time to learn from the lessons of Vista. Lessons like:

  • when you tell a large corporation, for whom all change is expensive, pay to change something that works just fine, you need a better reason than “because we say so”
  • when your operating system requires the average customer to buy a new computer, somebody is doing something ass-backwards. And it isn’t the customer.
  • if advertising a PC as “compatible”, it may help to maybe turn it on and see if half of the features even work, maybe.
  • in the event that some of your own executives refuse to use the software, you may have dropped the ball. From the top of the Empire State Building. Onto an open-topped truck that was for some reason carrying the worlds entire collection of priceless Ming vases.

They’re actually promoting a downgrade program – where users can ‘fix’ Vista PCs by installing XP instead. Until they invent a way to give binary code wedgies there really is no more embarrassing humiliation.

Don’t you get excited, though. Businesses have money and influence, but you peons out there are going to take what the entire commercial sector has rejected and you are going to like it. Today you can’t buy XP anymore, and it won’t be licensed for PC manufacturers either.

They have to get that Vista development money back somehow.