Men Involved In Police Chase While Testing Out Homemade Train


What happens when a few mischievous geeks decide to do something with a few old parts lying around?  Well they get a police helicopter called on them of course.  Yes, they don’t just settle for getting chased down by a few cop cars, they have to do it right and have the helicopter pulled out as well.  A total of six men in Germany actually built their very own electric locomotive out of garden furniture and train parts.  Of course once you’ve gone through all the trouble of building a six-seater train with a refreshments car in the shape of a crate of beer, you’ve got to test it out.  Which is where the helicopter comes in.

The boys decided to take her out for a spin, so they chose to go at night when they wouldn’t cause a collision.  Once the police were alerted of their mischief the police had a small predicament on their hands.  The cop cars can’t exactly follow the railroad tracks, so they called in a helicopter.  The pilot of the helicopter had to radio ahead to the other officers.  Those officers on the ground created a makeshift barrier at the station to stop the small train.  The men were of course arrested.  Despite that it may have been a stupid thing to do, they definitely got one hell of a story out of the deal.

Source: Neatorama