Meeting Ticker may make coworkers hate you


Alright so no one enjoys meetings, you have to sit around and talk about things you’re not always all that interested in.  So the highlight of the meeting is usually the small talk that tends to happen during the meeting.  If you aren’t a fan of all that small talk, then this is the way to get it to stop very quickly.  This online device allows for you to display openly just how much money is being wasted by talking about sporting events or someone’s fancy new car.  The down side of the device is that everyone is probably going to hate you.

You definitely won’t be getting invited to any coworker’s parties once you pull this trick.  To use  the Meeting Ticker, just punch in the number of attendees, the average hourly salary and the start time of the meeting.  Put it on your laptop and leave it out in the open for all to see.  I imagine no one will want to go off of the topic when they see how much cash is being wasted.  It also would probably annoy your boss, since they very well could be a part of the problem.

Source: Switched