Man’s Driver License Taken For Drunk Driving Toy Car


Let’s say you’re incredibly plastered on a Friday night and need to get from A to B.  Well what’s a guy to do?  To get a taxi would be to admit defeat and well your buddies probably wouldn’t show up.  Well for Paul Hutton that means it’s time to pull out the stripped and rebuilt Barbie car, that has  an electric engine.  As it turns out though, that’s just a little on the illegal side.  It’s probably not going to help if you happen to be twice the drink and drive alcohol limit.

A Jawick, Essex, police officer happened to notice the drunk man and had to pull over the speedy little car.  Thankfully he was able to stop the car that tops out at 4mph.  Since this was the second drunk driving offense in the past 10 years, the man’s license has been revoked for 3 years.  Sadly I guess that means the rest of us should probable stick with a taxi, no Malibu Barbie cars when you’re drunk.

Source: Pocket-Lint