Man Attempted To Steal Gas From Van Using Cordless Drill And Failed


With gas prices high, there have been many reports over the past few years of people that attempt to steal gas from unattended vehicles.  Well this scumbag not only did a poor job, but he managed to set himself along with the van he was stealing from on fire.  Oh and did I mention the van belonged to Abundant Faith Church?  Yep, he tried to steal gas out of a van that is used to pick up about 20 church members throughout the week.  He’s a real winner.

Blake King went to the 2001 Chevrolet van and attempted to drill the gas out of the tank.  The obvious thing happened, he caught himself and the van on fire.  As of a few days ago Blake King was in stable condition in the Vanderbilt University Hospital’s Burn Center.  Right now he isn’t being charged with anything, but as soon as he’s released from the hospital he will likely be faced with preliminary charges of theft from a motor vehicle and criminal mischief to a motor vehicle.  Both of which are felonies, so he’s looking at a very happy life.

Source: Geekologie