LovePlus Gamers Rent Real Life Resort Rooms For Their Virtual Girlfriends


When a child clings a little too long to an imaginary friend, people start to get worried and analyze the reason.  They send them off to therapy and make them talk about their feelings.  However, when a 20-30 year old Japanese man creates an imaginary girlfriend through LovePlus, well, one Japanese resort latches onto it as a way to make money.  Oh, and of course, iPhone makes an app for it.

LovePlus is a game for the Nintendo DS that allows men to choose between a few different virtual high school girls.  Then once they have made their choice, they have to actually maintain the relationship.  There is a town that gets referenced in the game, it’s an area that used to be a booming resort for newlyweds, but in recent years it’s lost a lot of business.  The resort decided to do a full on promotion and create a romantic experience for the men and their virtual girlfriends.  Despite that the men are the only ones in the $500 rooms, they will set up everything for two to make the experience more real.  Then to top off their experience, their iPhone will let them take a picture with their virtual girlfriend.  It’s all just so romantic.

Source: Technabob