Looking for Roommate In NYC…iPhone users need not apply


There are a lot of important factors when you’re choosing not only an apartment, but the person you intend to share it with.  Things like your budget and the area you’d like to live in make perfect sense.  Also it’s important to get along with the person, so sometimes you need to meet and see how you get along with each other.  Along those lines I suppose it’s best to avoid living with someone who pulls all sorts of things that make you crazy.  Well this guy had all the basic guidelines down on his Craigslist post looking for a place to live in NYC.  He even declared his big pet peeve, iPhones.  Yes, if you have sold your soul to Steve Jobs you shouldn’t call him up to find a place.

Also if you’re against those who react overly strongly to anything as trivial as the usage of a certain brand of phone, this is probably not the roommate for you.  Sure, it’s fun to make fun of the guy publicly throwing a fit over iPhones in a random housing post, but at least you didn’t get stuck finding out he was obsessive after you’d signed a lease with him.

Source: GeeksAreSexy