Advice: Don’t Look For Nudes While Networking

LinkedIn MalwareYou might want to avoid looking for nudes while networking, or else you’ll end up getting screwed. And not in the good way, either.

Someone’s set up several hundred fake LinkedIn profiles, McAfee has discovered. Each looks like it’ll show you how a hot celeb looks naked. Instead, it’ll show you how a computer looks with a virus.

The profiles all sport titles like “Beyonce Naked” or “Kate Hudson Nude.” (“Cloris Leachman Nude” is conspicuously absent from the list.) They all feature the same design, along with links promising shots of the celeb baring it all. Now, to be fair, clicking the link will put you on the receiving end — but only of some nasty malware that’ll leave you angrier than Dom Deluise at an empty buffet.

The infection actually happens when you agree to install a video plug-in said to let you view the “content.” That’s when the Trojan Man — specifically, his Trojan horse in this instance — rides into your hard drive. (It’s not as kinky as it sounds.)

McAfee is predicting more crafty work of this sort on social networks in the coming months. I’m predicting more inclusion of Cloris Leachman in those future efforts. Hey, you know someone would click on the link, even if just out of sheer disbelief. And whether it ends up being malware or being legit, boy will they be sorry.