Lindsay Lohan Gets Therapy For Twitter Addiction


When people used to talk about being entered into rehab, you used to always assume they were being treated for a drug or alcohol problem.  No longer is that really the case.  Now, it’s entirely possible that their online addictions will get addressed as well.  I had heard of places that catered solely to online addictions, well now as it turns out while you’re getting your drug problems taken care of you can also handle that Twitter addiction.  Apparently Lindsay Lohan is doing exactly that while she’s away at the Betty Ford Center.

I’m not saying that it’s unnecessary, after all, Lindsay is well known for her keeping everyone updated through her Twitter account.   It’s just interesting that now we need a support group to keep our internet addictions under control.  If you have an addictive personality already though, then it’s not surprising that you’d latch onto something as addictive as the internet.  Hopefully the group will help Lohan keep her online life a little more in control.  I’m curious to see if the groups do actually help though.

Source: ChipChick