Like, OMG, Have You Seen the Keyboard for Blondes?

In “we wish we were kidding” news, a new blonde-specific keyboard is hitting store shelves just in time for the Cyber Monday shopping rush. The aptly named Keyboard For Blondes comes in bright pink and boasts its own set of, shall we say, “special” keys.


Some of the lowlights:

  • “The Big One”: The new name for the spacebar. We assume this is due to the demographic’s general affinity for this term.
  • “YES! I Want It!”: The new name for the “Enter” key. See same explanation as above.
  • “Way Down”: The updated “Page Down” key. Same explanation applies once again, particularly when combined with the “G” key’s “Go” label.

In addition to those familiar phrase buttons, other updates include the rebranding of “Delete” to “Eraser” and the change from “Ctrl” to “Totally Useless Key.” Oh yeah, and “Caps Lock” becomes “WARNING! Size XXL Letters.” Some of the keys even correspond with sound effects, courtesy of the device’s accompanying software.

The Keyboard For Blondes sells for $50. Its creators say during their testing, “everybody who saw and touched it had to have it.”

We assume they weren’t talking about the keyboard.