Leaked Memo: Please Stop Leaking Memos

The brilliance of technology has never shone more brightly. Thanks to cell phone cameras and the Internet, employees at a major American financial company are getting the last laugh. At least, for now.

Some workers at Morgan Stanley — which, as you may have heard, is getting ready to start some massive layoffs — seemingly have made a habit of leaking internal memos about the turmoil within. Enough internal e-mails had made their way online that management decided to send out a little note asking everyone to please treat “information as confidential” and remember that it is “meant for our employees only.” The memo was even sent on paper rather than in e-mail, presumably so it wouldn’t be instantly cut and paste.

And here it is, courtesy of Alley Insider:

The leaked memo about how you should stop leaking memos. Priceless. Let’s hope there’ll be a follow-up memo about management’s disappointment in the leaking of the memo about leaked memos. Now, THAT would be a memo worth leaking.