Kid learns the hard way no good deed goes unpunished


So let’s say you are out for your 18th birthday and you stumble across a cellphone left on the sidewalk.  Do you pick it up and find a way to return it or just leave it there and pretend you didn’t see it?  Well apparently those of you that would leave it are the smart ones.  We’re taught that good things come to good people that do good deeds.  Well Paul Leicester’s first day as an official adult taught him otherwise.  He chose to pick up the cellphone of course.  He picked it up and called the first number on the friends list and told the friend he was going to take the phone to the police station so that they could pick it up.

A seemingly innocent situation and an easy way for the friend to pick up the phone at their convenience out of a safe environment.  Well upon waltzing into the police station in Mereyside, UK, with phone in hand, Paul was arrested.  He was tossed behind bars for “theft by finding” which got him put in jail for several hours.  Not only that, but DNA samples were apparently taken while he was locked up.  Thankfully, the arrest was dropped and now the circumstances surrounding the arrest are being looked over.  However, the deed has already been done.  Them reviewing the circumstances doesn’t change that they ruined a perfectly good kid’s 18th birthday.

Source: Switched