Sometimes I get genuinely concerned about the level of intelligence that some people in this world seem to have.  I keep reminding myself that there are smart people out there and that bad news travels faster than good.  It makes it so that I can still have a small amount of hope in this world.  What would also give me hope is if there was an intelligence test before people were allowed to breed.  On that note one 18 year old high school student pulled a stunt with some electrical equipment and instead of the parents feeling that they should have educated him on electricity being dangerous they want to sue the kid’s teacher.   After all, parenting is meant to be done by teachers!

The kid attached an electrical clamp to one nipple while another student attached another clamp to his other nipple.  Then a third student plugged in the cord.  Yes, 3 geniuses were involved in this one and it never occurred to them that this was a horribly stupid stunt.  In turn the parents want to sue the teacher of the electrical trades class.  Here’s a thought, try doing the parenting yourself instead of relying on teachers to tell your kid it’s stupid to attach electrical wires to your nipples.  I swear, there have to be intelligent teenagers out there and decent parents somewhere.  I hope…

Source: Geekologie

Kid Electrocutes Himself And Parents Sue Teacher
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